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About Us

G. H. Reid is located in the south side of Richmond, Virginia. Our school has a population of approximately 700 students which make up grades K-5 and Exceptional Education.

The mission of G. H. Reid Elementary School is to maintain and develop a holistic approach to education. This approach encompasses the mastery of the Standards of Learning objectives in the four core subject areas, the arts, technology, character development, a partnership with the community at large, and a willing participation from the staff.
G.H. Reid Elementary is a learning community of highly motivated and committed staff and students exemplified by:

  • The recognition of diversity and creativity.

  • A clean, safe, calm environment.

  • An acceptable, consistent discipline policy.

  • High expectations and standards for staff, students, and parents.

  • Community involvement to create shared responsibility for student and school success.

I Am a Raven
I am a raven.
I will do my work and come to school on time.
I am a raven!
I will be respectful and responsible to others.
I am a raven!
I am doing my best and will never give up.
I am a Reid raven, and so are you!