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History of G.H. Reid Elementary School

G. H. Reid Elementary School is named for Gurney Holland Reid, a Chesterfield County principal. This was while Reid was a part of the Chesterfield County School System in 1958. Reid became a part of the Richmond Public School System in 1970 acquired as part of the annexation of land from Chesterfield County. In 1982, the construction of a jogging and exercise course for the school and community was funded. 

Reid had a large number of community partners including the Micah Initiative, River Road Presbyterian Church, Ramsey Memorial Church, Capital One, Southside Church of the Nazarene, VCU, The Department of Parks and Recreation, Defense General Supply, YMCA and the Richmond Police Department Emergency Communications. There are over 80 staff members, 2 counselors-Mrs. Coleman and Ms. Haynes, 2 assistant principals-Ms. Holoman and Ms. Winston, and 1 principal-Mrs. Delaney. 

History of G.H. Reid Elementary School Leadership


The following persons have served as Reid's principal:

1970-1984     James Frederick Jervis      14 years

1984-1986          Barbara J. Walker           2 years

1986-1987          Lynette S. Arrington        1 year

1987-1990       Ronald Eugene Herman   3 years

1990-1991      Arthur Edward Ooghe, Jr.   1 year

1991-2003   Robert J. Johnson              12 years

2003-2005          Sandra Nance                 2 years

2005-2006          Sandra Moore-Clark      1 year

2006-2012          Reginald D. Williams      6 years

2012-2014      Vincent M. Darby, Sr        2 years

2014-2023      Angela S. Delaney             9 years

2023- present Chantrese Rainey- Clayton current